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To enroll:  Click on enroll to go to the Google Form.
Select the classes you wish to enroll in.
You will recieve an invoice from JJS Services.
Once payment is recieved you will be emailed a link to the class.
All class materials and discussions are in the Google Classroom.
Unit classes are self paced over a few weeks. 
Some self paced will have instructional videos.
Live classes are in Zoom

We also recommend other learning sites and activities.
We have a classroom on 

Private Voice Class
Live 30 min. $20

Gardening 9 units  $110
Self Paced 12 weeks

Group Voice Class
Live 30 min  $15

Research Paper Writing 5 units  $80
Self Paced 6 weeks

Little Tykes Sing A Long
Live 30 min  $15

Agriculture 12 units  $140
Self Paced 14 weeks

Learn to Read Music 8 units $100
Self Paced  8 weeks

Plan the Perfect Party  4 units $70
Self Paced 5 weeks

Meal Planning 4 units $70
Self Paced 5 weeks


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